Frequently Asked Questions

On the air and ONLINE we answer your burning questions!

Where is WIKD-FM 96.3 Located?

WIKD is located in the heart of downtown Parkersburg- a REAL fake town stuck in 199X.

What do you play?

We play TALK RADIO from any time between 1990 and 1999.

Why do you only play talk radio from the 1990's?

Many people look for nostalgia in videos, tv, movies and websites when they try to pin down what the web was like when it was born. They often forget about the thriving online radio community and how the radio landscape changed forever. Internet radio broadcasts were the precursor to things like podcasts.

I am personally fascinated by talk radio from before the towers fell. There was so much optimism and certainty in what the new millenium would bring. In listening to 90's talk radio, you sometimes get this strange sense of déjà vu- as if you remember hearing this segment before.

They will bring up issues concerning us today such as climate change or social inequality. Part of you feels saddened that we were burdened with these issues back then and still haven't seemed to fix them. A part of you will feel warm and fuzzy, like sitting in your grandmother's kitchen while she smokes and listens to the radio. Listening to 90's talk radio allows you to appreciate the continuity of the human condition.

How is this radio show hosted?

Currently I am sending talk radio segments from a circa 2008 Macbook to a cloud-hosted Icecast server. Yes, I know i'm using updated technology to host a 90's radio station. If you see the stream is offline, there's a good chance my cat is sleeping on the Macbook.

Why WIKD 96.3 THE FOX?

It takes its name from the fictional radio station in Robert Fitzroy's novel and storytelling Podcast FITZ. Check it out here.

What's the plan for WIKD?

The plan is to currently just make the darn thing work. But seriously, I keep an endless stream of talk radio newscasts on loop. Tune in whenever and you're bound to hear something new.

One of my plans is to add actual segments- some fictional and others more serious. I'm open to others have air time on this station. So if you have something you just want to talk about, I'm here for it. The technology I use to host this does work for live shows too, so if there is interest I might 'live DJ' some old 90's talk, bring on some prominent folks in the Neocities community and so forth.

Right now there is no way for you to see what's currently playing. I'm working on this, but because I'm trying not to sink much money in to this not knowing if it will be something the community enjoys, it is on an unsecured feed and that causes issues with Neocities hosting. I hope to migrate to a dedicated SSL encrypted server with fallback options in case the stream dies and near 100% uptime.

How can I support this?

Just listen and give me feedback on what segments you like best and what you want to hear! I'm not asking for tips at this time as this doesn't have much overheard in it's current form. I would love to have live hosts, DJs etc. from the Neocities community to keep the vibe alive. It's one thing to listen to 90's talk radio- it's another to talk about 90's talk radio.

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